Friday, January 15, 2016

Work In Progress

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to get the word out on my latest upcoming book! I am working on a Gossip Girl story for the Kindle Worlds collection at Amazon. I am past the 2/3 point of writing it, and looking forward to getting it out to you. 

Unfortunately, Amazon isn't going to let me use any internet photos of the characters as my book cover so I am using them in this post instead.

The main character is Chuck Bass. The book features Nate, Chuck, and Dan getting to know each other closer then they ever have before.  This new closeness is infectious because Blair ends up getting involved and pretty soon Serena wants to join in too.  Jenny is too young however, and will have to watch from the sides lines along with Georgina, who isn't invited.  Good thing, Dan's dad Rufus and his girlfriend Lilly are around to supervise, and give advice. Things on the Upper East Side don't need to get too wild.

Be on the lookout!! 
UPDATE: The book is complete!

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