Thursday, April 21, 2016

NEW BOOK: Chuck's Secret Life

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Hello Chuck Bass Fans,

I've just submitted my newest book to! Let me tell you all about it!

It's called "Chucks Secret Life." It's available in the Kindle Worlds section and is a Gossip Girl story.

It's around 16,535 words of a plot that they have never explored on the Gossip Girl tv show.

On the show, I noticed that as it went on they were just pulling random names out of a hat and making the characters sleep with each other.  It didn't even make sense.

For example, I personally didn't accept the relationship between Blair and Dan, because their characters stood for everything the other disliked. I also didn't like it when they made Dan's father sleep with a girl Dan had been with. To me, the choices they were making seemed ridiculous, such as Dan being Gossip Girl.

Though they made characters sleep together in ways that seemed unreasonable, they avoided doing any creative same sex parings. To me, it wouldn't have been any more different than some of the other unexpected choices they made.

Though I lost interest in the show as a viewer long before it went off the air, I was excited when I saw it listed in Amazon's kindle worlds.

Amazon has several different fictional worlds authors can choose to write stories in, but the Gossip Girl world was the only one I knew enough about to try.

It's probably good that the show didn't decide to mix things up more, because my desire to see a more fun story gave me something to write about in my exciting new book!

I decided Nate, Dan, and Chuck shouldn't be left out of the sexual explorations. As a group, they should get to know each other better and find out what each other really likes. They are young men who are still in high school, so they are probably figuring out themselves and trying all kinds of different things for the very first time.

Chuck has a girlfriend, and so does Dan.  Only Nate is single. Maybe single guys, because they don't get regular sex with girls are willing to try things even more?  No one has done the research on this, or at least I haven't read those academic studies. 

Of course, girlfriends such as Blair and Serena will have different feelings about this topic, and may dislike what their guys get up to. There could be lots of hurt feelings, tear stained pillows, and broken hearts.

On the other hand, there is documentation that suggests that girls like it as much as guys do when members of the gender they are attracted to get together.  That points to a possibility that Blair and Serena might actually like it, watching or participating. It comes down to having to read the book to actually find out.

There are other characters in Gossip Girl who have to be included too, but not necessarily in the same bed.  Jenny, Georgina, Rufus, Lily, and Vanessa are all featured. Everyone has different attitudes and feelings about human sexuality and their viewpoints are all explored.

My Kindle Worlds story is a non-pornographic tale of human emotion and desire. It explores life on the Upper East Side among a group of young people who are learning about themselves at an important time in their lives.  They have adult role models, but must make their own choices in a world monitored by the prying, all seeing eyes of Gossip Girl.

Like the book title suggests, Chuck learns what to tell other people about, and what to keep a secret.



Hough Rodgers

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