My Goals Page

If you ever feel like being generous, or supporting a self published author, this is an excellent opportunity for you to do just that! In addition to buying one of my awesome books you can also use the paypal support button at the bottom of this page.

It would be a dream to be able to make some money from writing. I have sold few books so far between Amazon and Smashwords, and the other book sites I am listed on.

On Smashwords my first book is free, so if you liked it you can use the button below to give a gift to show your support of it. My second book has a very large free preview on Smashwords, so you could download the free sample and read most of the book before deciding you want to go back and get the whole book. 

Smashwords has a payment threshold, and sadly unless I sell a LOT of books it will be a while before I get anything from them. On the other hand, I would actually get something if someone used my paypal button below.

 The button below does not sell anything, but allows you to make any contribution you would like, for any reason you want.

I have set a goal to see if its possible to make $55 from being an author.  It will probably be more like a lifetime goal, than one I reach anytime soon.

However, any contribution that someone makes because they think I am a good writer would be truly appreciated!!

The fun chart at the top of this page updates as I reach my goal.

Here is a link to my Smashwords in depth interview, where I answer the hard hitting questions, if you need to know more about me before deciding if I am worthy...